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The story behind

The Cairo Human Rights Film Festival



The Cairo Human Rights Film Festival (CHRFF) was launched in 2008 by Dalia Ziada, director of Cairo Office of the American Islamic Congress to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. CHRFF was open to the public and offered free films on human rights topics from around the world. 

The festival’s opening in 2008 marked one of the first ever human rights film series in the Middle East region. Several international media outlets, including Al-Jazeera and Time Magazine, covered the festival, which featured films spotlighting human rights causes in Egypt, Senegal, India, South Africa, Argentina, the US, and other countries.  

“Egypt is known as Um al-Dunya, the ‘mother of civilization’” observes festival organizer Dalia Ziada, who directs AIC’s Egypt office. “The festival aims to highlight international human rights issues and build understanding between cultures. Many of the films focus outside the Arab world, exposing Egyptian audiences to issues we do not hear about often in the news.”

This is the fourth annual Cairo Human Rights Film Festival.