All screnings are free and held at Saykat el-Sawy cultural center in Zamalek. العربية


Monday, December 26 – Opening Ceremony (open to public)

6pm: Opening Ceremony (please arrive on time for registration and seating)

Introductory remarks about by Zainab Al-Suwaij and Dalia Ziada of the AIC

Screening trailers from participating films and honoring filmmakers

Honoring Human Rights Star of 2011: Mostafa Alnaggar

32 year-old Alnaggar was one of the leaders of the January protests in Tahrir Square, where he provided medical care to injured protesters. He recently became the first young activist to win a seat in parliament. His book “Take off Your Niqab” is a collection of short stories on women rights. Previously detained for supporting the rights of religious minorities, Alnaggar has been featured by CNN and Time.


8:15pm: Screening Winning Films from the “Eye to Heart” Short Film Contest
Provocative short films made by emerging young filmmakers from across the Middle East. The contest asked young artists to explore character development, through defining moments, responding to repression, and entrepreneurship. The ceremony will announce the contest's 10 prize winners . Films screened include: Sign of the Times, Freedom, and Unlocked.

9pm: Opening Screening - "Bringing Down a Dictator" (56 minutes, English/Arabic)

In 2009, the Cairo Human Rights Film Festival was prevented from screening this documentary on how people power in Serbia brought down Slobodan Milosevic. Two years later, Egyptians nonetheless acted on the techniques demonstrated by Serbs. The screening of this film marks that irony.


Tuesday, December 27 – Day Two
(free, open to public)


My Name is Tahrir (60 minutes, Arabic/English)

Freedom is Born (3minutes, Arabic)

Zero Silence (14 minutes, English)

Maspero (8 minutes, Arabic)


7:30pm: Discussion with filmmaker Ahmed Abdel Fattah: "A Bullet in the Eye of a Revolutionary Photographer"


8pm: A Force More Powerful – Part I: “We Were Warriors” & “Defying the Crown”
Narrated by Oscar winner Ben Kingsley, this Emmy-nominated series explores how nonviolent power has overcome oppression around the world. The first part spotlights students in Tennessee trying to desegregate lunch counters as well as Gandhi's famous Salt March protest in India.

9pm: A Force More Powerful – Part II:  “Freedom in Our Lifetime” & “Living with the Enemy”
The second installment in the series spotlights a consumer boycott campaign against apartheid in South Africa and Danish civil disobedience during the Nazi’s occupation.


Wednesday, December 28 – Day Three (free, open to public)


Janadish 2007 (54 minutes, English/French)

Egypt: Insights into a Revolution (43 minutes, Arabic/French/English)

Two months after the fall of Mubarak regime, bloggers, activists, artists, opinion leaders and ordinary citizens revisit their experience during the revolution.


7:30pm: Discussion with filmmaker Sebastien Saugues: "Arab Spring or Universal Spring?"



Etkalemo: Women of Alshohba (6 minutes, Arabic)

Pink Saris (97minutes, English/Arabic)

Meet Sampat Pal Devi, the bold leader of an Indian all-female street patrol known as the “Pink Gang” that defends at-risk women. “If you’re shy, you’ll die,” observes Sampat in explaining her women’s rights advocacy in the streets. The film offers a window into the world of India’s “untouchable” caste.


Thursday, December 29 – Day Four (free, open to public)


    Umoja: The Village Where Men Are Aorbidden (52 minutes, Arabic/English)

    Confronting the Truth, Part I & II (40minutes, Arabic)

    When bloodshed ends and peace is restored, the past still remains. This film looks at how countries emerging from political turmoil have established “truth and reconciliation” commissions.


    7:30pm: Discussion with human rights activist Ahmed Abul Maged: "National Reconciliation and Egypt’s Future"


    8pm: The Desert of Forbidden Art (80 minutes, English)
    Under Soviet repression, one man rescues 40,000 forbidden fellow artist's works and creates a museum in the desert of Uzbekistan, where he finds artists fusing European modernism with Islamic culture.